Mr. Raja Magasweran is the managing director and co-founder of China Business Associates Inc. Mr. Magasweran embodies almost 30 years of living, working, and breathing the Chinese market. He was the pioneer for introducing major American Corporations such as IBM, Motorola and Novell to China. His extensive leadership experience in marketing, sales and business development are key to his success. Mr. Magasweran provides access to local knowledge of markets, customs, practices and opportunities in China as well as his in-depth knowledge of China.

  Mr. Goodman brings more than a decade of experience and involvement in China to the China Business Associates Inc. team. Mr. Goodman has been the Nevada State Director of Economic Development, the Wyoming State Director of Economic Development, and Executive Director of the North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. He is also a former United States Marine.  
  Mr. Liu Minggang has a distinguished career in US-China relations and business in China. Mr. Liu was the First Commercial Secretary of the China Embassy to the United States during 1995-99. He led the Ministry of Foreign Trade's Foreign Tender Corporation prior to that. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge and has excellent Government relations.  
  Mr. Dennis Scherzer has over ten years experience working in Asia. He has consulted to the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, and to Interplast, an international medical/surgical organization based in California. Dennis holds a Bachelors Degree in Geography from San Jose State University as well as state and federal environmental certificates for asbestos and hazardous waste operations.  

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